Death of John D. Money Esq.

We are sad to report that Mr Money, formerly Estates Manager at Leeds Castle in the days of Lady Baillie, and who had lived at Battel Hall in Leeds village for over 50 years passed away in early July 2007.  His like will never be seen again; both with regard to his splendid diction, and his service to the Community of Leeds in the old days.  He was a staunch supporter of the Landed Gentry, and of the Book of Common Prayer, attending the 8am Communion service at Leeds until it was done away with several years ago.  ASELY members rang the following Quarter peal on one of the rings of bells upon which the Leeds Youths rang a peal of 5184 Oxford TB Major  on Whit Monday May 31st 1762 (tho' all the bells at New Romney have since been recast):

Ancient Society of Esquire Leeds Youths [Est. 1751]
St Nicholas, New Romney, Kent
On Sunday 22nd  July 2007 in 41 minutes Tenor:16­¢
A Quarter peal of 1260 Triples on Stedman's Principle
Treble  Christopher J. Cooper Esq.
2  John E. Hearn Esq.
3  Benjamin D. Kipling Esq.
4  Richard J. Chandler Esq.
5  Simon J.O. Head Esq.
6  Roderic K. Bickerton Esq.
7  Mark Chittenden-Pile Esq. (Call'd Bobs)
Tenor  William J. Stungo Esq.
"The Sun is sinking fast; the daylight dies: Let love awake and pay her evening sacrifice". Rung at eventide to the honoured memory of John D. Money Esq., Gent. of the Parish of Leeds, Kent who passed away recently. He lived over 50 years at "Battel Hall" in that P'ish; was a Chartered Land Agent and as such Estates Manager of Leeds Castle in the days of Sir Adrian and Lady Olive Baillie. He was a staunch supporter of the landed Gentry, and the Forms of Service contained in the Book of Common Prayer (1662). "Well done, thou good and faithful servant". 'REQUIESCAT IN PACE'.

The above ringing is quite probably the best and truest striking performed upon these bells since rehanging in 1975.

 Ten members of the ASELY attempted to ring a Quarter Peal of Stedman Quators at Leeds to Mr Money's memory on 16th August 2007, but sadly this was lost in the 8th course.   The band stood as follows: Treble: B.D. Kipling Esq.  2: M.J. Jones Esq.  3: S.J.O. Head Esq.  4: R.J. Chandler Esq.  5: R.K. Bickerton Esq.  6: J.B. Saunders Esq. 7: M. Chittenden-Pile Esq. 8: J. Smith  9: C.J. Cooper Esq.  Tenor: K.A. Osborne Esq. 

Peal Rung as a farewell to Revd. David Brookes, and to mark 70 years as Verger of Leeds Church for S.J. Russell Esq.

Saturday 29th August 2003 at St Nicholas Leeds
5184 Kent Treble Bob Major in 3 hours
Treble: J. Sutch Esq.
2: Mrs G.G. Pearson [non member]
3: Martin Jones
4: Matthew Jones
5: W.J. Stungo
6: S. Head
7: C.F.C. Pearson
Tenor: C.J. Cooper
The peal was also rung to mark the Golden Wedding of Canon & Mrs J.W. Everett [formerly Vicar of Ashford]
The peal was credited to the London County Association, as Mrs Pearson yet again stood in at the 'eleventh hour', and the Society is once more heartily grateful to her for so doing.

Bicentenary of the Casting of Borden Bells

Saturday 2nd February 2002 marked the 200th Anniversary of the casting of the bells of SS Peter & Paul Borden, by Thomas Mears the Elder.  A centenary peal of 5040 Stedman Triples was rung on Sunday 2nd February 1902 by a local band, excepting the conductor, that lovely old fellow Challis F. Winney Esq, of St John, Wilton Road; St Clement Danes, Strand; and St Pauls Cathedral.  The Leeds Youths had intended to mark this occasion with a peal of Bob Major; however due to illness of two members of the band this had to be reduced to Minor; not all the performers were Society members, and could not on any wise be rung for the ASELY as only peals of Major and above are allowed by the Society rules.  Six good and true extents were rung beginning at 3:35 pm and failing at 6:30pm - sadly in the final extent there was a shift in course: five bells were out of course causing it to run round in the middle of the seventh extent.  The work which the Leeds Youths had carried out on the bells has improved the 'go' of them quite significantly, and the performance is appended below: Viz

Saturday 2nd February 2002 at S.S. Peter & Paul, Borden
4320 Plain Bob Minor (Six extents all call'd the same) in 2 hours & 50 minutes
Treble:  I.A. Renyard Esq.
2: I.C. Moore Esq.
3: Mr S. Head
4: Mr D.S. Smith
5: W.J. Stungo Esq.
Tenor: C.J. Cooper Esq. (Call'd Bobs & Singles)
Tenor 21 cwt

To mark the Bicentenary of the casting of the bells, and the centenary of a peal by a local company (excepting Mr C.F. Winney, the conductor).  Believed to be the longest length of Minor rung on the back 6.  

250th Anniversary of the Leeds Youths

The Peal attempt on November 2nd 2001 was of Bob Major (Annable), due to the indisposition of one of the band.  Unfortunately, after nearly 3 hours good ringing it came to grief due to a shift in course, which is not allowed.  The peal would have been rung for the London County Association (Late St James' Society; 1824) had it been successful, as Mrs G. Pearson stood in at the last minute.  The ASELY are extremely grateful to Mrs Pearson for joining them in the attempt, and would also like to thank many Parishioners for their warm words, and their interest.  For the record, the band stood in the order:

Friday 2nd November 2001 at Home (St Nicholas, Leeds)
Upwards of 4500 changes of Bob Major in 2 hours & 55 minutes
Treble; I.A. Renyard Esq.
2; Mrs G. Pearson
3; P.A. Renyard Esq.
4; F. Pearson Esq.
5; M. Chittenden-Pile Esq.
6; I.C. Moore Esq.
7; D.E. Potter Esq.
Tenor; C.J. Cooper Esq. (Call'd Bobs)
Tenor 20 cwt

The 250th Anniversary Dinner was a great success, held in the Gate Tower of Leeds Castle on Saturday 15th December; 3 days after the anniversary of the first peal by the Leeds Youths of 6480 Bob Quators rung in 1751.

At the invitation of the Dover Ringers, the Company rang their first Royal performance as follows:

Friday 14th July 2000
1440 Plain Bob Minor

1. Mr. I. A. Renyard 4. Mr. M. Chittenden-Pile
2. Mr. R. A. Lucas 5. Mr. F. P. Lewis
3. Mr. I. C. Moore 6. Mr. C. J. Cooper

Rung during the procession of HM the Queen Mother through Dover in her Hundredth year.
Also in thanks giving for the life of Jack Crampion Esq., late life member of St. Pauls Cathedral Guild and Westminster Abbey Company.